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In Hebrew, among the several meanings of the name Ira is "Watchful”. In Greek, Ira is short for Eirene, the goddess who was the personification of peace. In Arabic, it means “Starting a fire”. For the Maori, Ira can mean to look closely at or direct one’s attention to something. In Biblical terms the meaning of Ira is “Watchman”. As a Sanskrit male name pronounced 'EE-ruh', it is that of the Wind-God, Vayu. His chariot announces his arrival with terrific roars, though he himself is invisible. As a Sanskrit female name pronounced 'ih-RAH', its meaning is "the earth" and it is one of the names of the Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of Wisdom. Saraswati is known as a guardian deity in Buddhism who offers protection and assistance to practitioners.

IRA, brought to you by Wise Systech, is a revolutionary behavioral audio and video analytics based security solution that watches over the user, has the wisdom to discern and to learn and has unique personal safety features.

A first-ever autonomous, affordable, DIY product that detects intrusion and violence using situation interpretation algorithms that fuse behavioral audio and video analytics and deters it through its immediate local response that is controlled by the user. IRA uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence for video and data analytics and learns to identify violent behaviour, intrusions, dangerous objects and distress audio signals.

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